ROAD! The Streets at night – Weekly Parties in Kingston

“Yaah touch road?โ€ If you hear this question, then somebody is asking you, whether you are going to a party tonight or not. Welcome to the streets of Kingston and their vibrant party atmosphere & scene. Dancehall was born in the streets of Jamaica’s capital city Kingston which is also described as the โ€œMeccaโ€ of Dancehall. If you really want to dive into & understand the real authentic Dancehall Culture then you canโ€™t miss out parties!

But which parties are happening at the moment? How to get there? When does it start and what does it cost? No matter if you travel alone or in a group, below you will find an overview about everything you need to know about Kingstonโ€™s hottest street parties!

Please Note:

  • There are more parties going on than featured here. The focus of this blog is weekly authentic street parties in which you will find most of the Dancehall Dancers you know, mixed with some special Reggae features.
  • That overview is arranged in the “typical order” like in the way you’d visit the parties.
  • As soon as the first party of the night is finished (or shut down), you usually go to a second one. There’s never a guarantee when exactly that will happen. Depending on the time of the year youโ€™ll be in Jamaica, parties can be shut down at any time (e.g. in school time, the so-called โ€œpeace officerโ€ are more strict and most likely shutting down the party early.)
  • The indicated times are recommendations! What time you will go to a party basically depends on what your demands are. That means: If you prefer an early vibe with some soul music, and older hits you can go there already from early but donโ€™t be surprised when you donโ€™t find many people there. The majority of the parties getting hot around midnight.
  • The party schedule can change quickly! Please donโ€™t use this overview as a guaranteed statement rather as a recommendation. Sometimes the venues change or the event will be on a break, so please stay in touch with the local dancers in the scene or other links to get the latest updates.
  • Resident DJ’s are mentioned and tagged in this overview – usually you’ll also find guest DJ’s & Selectas in every party. Check the flyer on the respective event page in order to find out who is booked.ย 
  • Drink responsible and know your limits!
  • Saturday = Rest day ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • This overview will be updated regularly, if you are a promoter & don’t see your weekly event here, please link me asap so I can update the list immediately.

You can actually click on the names of each selecta for each party & check out their IG profile and entertainment business. Go, check it out & show some love ๐Ÿ™‚

Important: The hosts of each party will be added to that overview shortly!

Last updated: March 2024







Event Flyer

[last updated: March 2024]

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